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Hikeland home

Hikeland Home is a virtual space where users are able to create houses and spend time together with friends. It allows users to watch video content and play games together.






Social Network

Type of Work


Concept art


Contextual Enquiry

Hikeland is revolutionizing social networking and messaging platforms by transforming real-life metaphors into intangible experiences. It provides a safe virtual hangout space where users can watch videos and play online games with friends and new connections. 

By going beyond traditional semantics, Hikeland aims to foster meaningful relationships and create opportunities for personal growth. With a focus on safety and privacy, Hikeland offers a unique and immersive environment that redefines the way we connect and interact online. Join Hikeland to experience the possibilities of a virtual hangout like never before

Design a virtual world where user's have the freedom to spend time together.


What problem are we solving?

We are trying to bridge the communication gap that happens offline caused due to a lack of infrastructure and social norms in tier 2 and 3 cities in India. Eg, women are not allowed to hangout with friends late evening or at night. 



  • Limited social interaction: Social norms in developing cities in India restrict physical gatherings and socializing, preventing people from spending time together in real life.

  • Dependency on video and audio calls: Due to the lack of opportunities for in-person interaction, people heavily rely on video and audio calls as the primary mode of communication to connect with friends and family.

  • Constraints in gaming and entertainment: The lack of infrastructure and resources in developing cities often hinders the ability to play games, watch movies, or engage in recreational activities as a group.

  • Inaccessible hangout spots: The absence of suitable hangout spots or entertainment venues in these cities restricts the options for people to gather and socialize in a shared physical space.


  • Virtual house creation: Providing users with the option to create their own virtual houses created a sense of homeliness and personalization, resulting in a significant user base of over 500,000 individuals.

  • Shared content viewing: Enabling users to watch content together with their friends, comment, and engage in live conversations while watching enhanced the social experience and fostered a sense of togetherness.

  • Inclusion of casual games: The inclusion of popular casual games like Ludo and Carrom allowed users to engage in friendly competitions, leading to a better understanding of their psyche and preferences.

  • Development of play together game platform rush: Leveraging the insights gained from user behavior and preferences, the team developed the play together game platform Rush, which has witnessed over 120 million gameplays and achieved an impressive $50 million in annual recurring revenue (ARR).

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